Event Details

Event Dates:

          Tuesday, March 23th: 1:30pm - 5:45pm  EST

          Wednesday, March 24th:  1:30pm - 5:45pm EST

What are the steps I can take to get the best internet connection?

  • The system will work on all internet-capable devices, but a laptop or desktop computer is preferred.
  • Wired Internet connections are preferred. If you are using Wi-Fi, restart your modem and router to maximize your download and upload speeds.
  • If you’re using WiFi with a laptop/PC, sit near your modem or router, or use an ethernet cable to plug directly into your router.
  • If using a phone/tablet, turn on your cell data and WiFi.
  • Make sure to close all additional applications on your computer or mobile device.
  • Do not use any other video streaming or video game while in the virtual Authorized Retailer Conference 2021 event.

How many people are allowed to join the live stream at once?

  • Only one person is permitted per seat.

Can Cricket Wireless remove me from the virtual Authorized Retailer Conference 2021 Event?

  • We reserve the right to remove you from the live stream at any time.
  • Your behavior while participating in the Authorized Retailer Virtual Conference 2021 must be and must appear to be appropriate and respectful at all times.

What should I wear?

  • Your attire must be appropriate and must remain on at all times. We reserve the right to deny your participation (or to immediately terminate your participation) if you are not appropriately dressed (as determined in our sole discretion).
  • Your attire may not contain any immoral graphics, images or texts, any political statements, slogans, logos, images, texts, or graphics, or any logos, graphics or other commercial identification of third parties (other than the Cricket Wireless licensed attire).
  • Officially licensed Cricket Wireless clothing is preferred, if available.

Rules for participating in the virtual Authorized Retailer Conference 2021:

  • No profanity
  • No violence
  • No inappropriate language
  • No inappropriate clothing
  • No nudity
  • No third-party brand or political messaging
  • What should I have prepared ahead of participating in the virtual Authorized Retailer Conference 2021?
    • Please make sure that you have a stable internet connection before you join the virtual Authorized Retailer Conference 2021.
    • You will also need a front-facing camera and microphone.

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Email cricketevents@cricketwireless.com for any questions regarding the virtual Authorized Retailer Conference 2021